A Prophetic Warning
Pastor Benjamin Faircloth
“America, your days of parading and flaunting your flesh in My Face, is coming to an end! I will break the Staff of Bread over your nation, and wars will be your common friend. Nations will rise against nations within your own borders, as men fight to survive during the coming blight on your nation! You once thought this thing wasn’t possible in your land of plenty, but mold and decay has a way of corrupting. Like sin which is cankerous to the heart, your demise has been slowly eating away your resolve! You stand and shout “I’m resilient”, My false prophets echo and declare, “yes you are”, but these are all lies!
From your knees you will look up and see you are fragile and mere dust before My Eyes! A few will return to Me, but many will harden their hearts as in the Day of Provocation! I had a remedy then and I have a remedy now!
To My Beloved Bride, I say unto to you, buy of Me the Hidden Manna, the price of which cannot be measured; for it is priceless, but free to those who endure and pursue it!
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