A Prophetic Warning
Pastor Benjamin Faircloth
“America, are you uncomfortable yet? Are your plans not going like you designed them to? Have you noticed there is something missing in your lives? You have removed Me, forgotten Me, you have rejected Me and abandoned My Word! I have pleaded with you, counseled you, corrected you, and warned you both day and night, yet you still refuse to follow My Ways- will, and plans for you!
I will not relent! The pressures you are facing and feeling will increase until you repent. Mercy is available in a time of judgment. Whosoever calleth upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved, but few will do so. Many are called, but few a chosen. Men love darkness rather than light!
My Church must persevere and endure! There is more tribulation before you, a harvest awaits you, and My Glory will surround you! Hold fast to your faith, and endure hardship as a good solider!”
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