The First Church!

“The First Church!”

A Prophetic message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


“Where is the fire and passion of the first Church? The passion and desire to seek Me first? Hunger was the banner under which the first Church worked and labored!

Today I look and I find few with the passion of My  Spirit! I find few willing to labor in the lateness of the hour, yet they keep their arms open for more, giving back less!

I look to pour out My Spirit, but I see no place ready to receive in the manner in which I will come. I am coming like a flood, I will pour out of My Spirit and there will be no room to contain Me. I will burst through the doors of My Church, reaching humanity, healing their hearts, manifesting My Glory. I am looking for those who like the first Church, hunger for My return, obey My commands, and pursue Me with fiery passion!”

(Scripture refences for this message: Acts 2, I Samuel 3)

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