The Endgame!

“The Endgame!”
A Prophetic Warning
Pastor Benjamin Faircloth
“America, you’ve reached the endgame! The prophetic pieces of the puzzle are nearly connected. The actors are in place, the script has been written and you’re the pawn in My next move! You’ve relinquished your control long ago when you sold your soul and dammed your destiny!
The Reapers are here! The Destroyers are here! The Breakers have come and you have no defense to stop their assignment! You’ve laughed at My Prophets! You’ve branded My Pastors as fools; therefore, My Judgment will be swift. The Cankerworm is loosed in your economy, your safety nets are moth-eaten, and they won’t stop your fall! America, the squeeze from the pressures of this hour will either draw you closer to Me or strengthen your resolve against Me. The latter is what I foresee!
To My Church, don’t be ignorant as your nation! Buy of Me, partake of Me and I will not withhold any good thing from those who love Me and trust Me!”
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