Out of Control!

“Out of Control!”

 A Prophetic Warning


 Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“America, you are out of control! You have lost what you thought you have found- a way to avoid Me- a way to ignore Me, but you cannot! You say in “God we trust”-your test is here to prove your loyalty, your commitment, and your faith. Your time has come to prove what is real and what is fantasy.

The time to awaken out of your slumber is here. The time to repent is here, but you will not!

 I know you better than you know yourselves, you are of your father the devil and you love your deeds of the dark! You love to lie in wait for your prey of innocence but I tell you this day,  change has come! Your payday is here! I will not relent until you repent, but you will not.

 To My Church and My Bride, abide in Me, take shelter in Me. I will never leave you nor forsake you and I will cause My Love to shine upon you!”

Scripture reference for this message is (Mark 13) To watch or listen to this message got to www.ignitedchurchlife.com or You Tube

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