No Compromise!

“No Compromise!”

A Prophetic message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


“As your flag waves in the sky, so does your enemies’. You can’t see them because you are blind to the Truth, void of understanding. Dressed in your facade, bathed in iniquity, America you have made your decision and you have made a fatal choice!

I offered you life, I offered you peace, but you are embracing the sword! You have chosen riches over faith, wealth over wisdom. You have compromised on the issues of My Heart. You have rejected My Covenant, you have placed yourself high above My Statutes and My Word! But a sword is coming, and an equalizer is at the gates.

My Balances will be just, full payment will be made for the cost of sin that fill your streets, that cascades through the thoroughfares of life!

To My Church, To My Remnant, DO NOT COMPROMISE! DO NOT FOLD, and be not fooled by the appeasements of man, who has fooled My Bride into thinking all is well. No compromise is the Spirit of the Age must be the mindset of My Church in this hour!

(Scripture references: Amos 3, Ezekiel 33)

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